100 Miles

The name of this song is “100 Miles” written and performed by Exploding Math Lab. In collaboration with the band, my team members and I worked together to produce this exciting music video!

The set of the music video is Paper Town which was illustrated digitally, printed out on watercolor paper, and hand-cut. The pieces were strategically placed on our stage to create a motion parallax when viewed with a VR headset.

The characters were designed digitally and placed on a Maya doll. The characters' bodies were designed specifically for our MoCap (Motion Capture) Suit that records movement. Each band member was able to wear the suit and add their own flair to their character.

Production Team
Music/Acting: Exploding Math Lab
Supervisors: Emil Polyak, Pat Fitzgerald
Character/Instrument Illustrations: Nat Sumpunkulpak
Mocap Suit: Lucas Gargano, Julie Lineberry, Hilary Smith
Video Editing: Monica Nguyen

The production was featured in NCSU 2017 Animation Festival/Film.