Critter Crossings

This game is team played for 2 – 5 players. Age appropriate is designed for kids from 6 – 9 years old.

Themed story:
Five different animals from all over the world are trying to work together to create a bridge that connects each of their environments. Each animal has a special contribution that they would like to contribute when making the path. In order to have functional world they each need to work together and communicate. They want to avoid the holes in the map and go around the obstacles to make the most efficient path using the least amount of resource pieces possible.

This game teaches children about sustainability in a metaphorical way. Each piece, whether a general or character, represents a resource that the player needs. If they run out of resources then the bridge will be incomplete which is the consequence of spending resources needlessly. It also teaches them to value their resources because they each have a specific way to help their environment and reach their goal of creating a path. Teamwork is vtal to gameplay. By coaching each other they can determine where to put certain pieces to their best use. Problem-solving is key because the notches on the pieces and obstacles are challenges within themselves that the players need to overcome.

Players must work as a team to create a completed path on the game board by connecting various general and character game pieces together that touch all goal pieces on the board. Players must do this before they run out of pieces or run out of viable places on the board. Games play as also over once they have had to discard five pieces total.

Production Team
Crafting/Fabrication: Sarah Albright, Connor Shipway, Kimmie Zoll, Monica Nguyen
Art: Eilish Thomas
Programming: Connor Shipway
Video Editing: Monica Nguyen