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Monica Nguyen


Time waits for no one so you can't wait for it nor can you rush it -- You just have to go along with it and do what you can.


Hello and welcome curious explorers!

My name is Monica Nguyen. I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My ethnicity is Vietnamese-American and I am a 22 years old.

My love for art started in elementary school when I took more notice to my surroundings and the shows I watched. I found out how much I enjoyed art whenever I drew or crafted and as soon as my parents gave me my own sketchbook all the other events escalated from there. I kept my sketchbook with me wherever I went. If I was punished my pencils and paper were taken from me because my worse fear was not having any materials to draw with.

I particularly took a huge liking to Japanese animation because of TV shows like Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Inuyasha. I also played video games that had graphics similar to those characters. Since then I always had the dream of wanting to design characters for TV shows or games. Being able to see or play a game I helped design would be the best feeling ever!

I am interested in applying my many design skills in illustration and video production!