Monica Nguyen

Time waits for no one so you can't wait for it nor can you rush it -- You just have to go along with it and do what you can.

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As long as Monica can remember, she has always carried around a sketchbook and pencil. Whenever she could, she would sit down and draw. As she got older she became interested in reading comic books and playing video games. Her passion for art began formulating her life objectives. Comics gave her an easier understanding of reading when it was difficult for her to finish regular written novels. The interactive nature of video games inspired her to socialize by sharing the joy of playing games with other people. Growing up she would create stories and draw them in comic forms or pictured illustrations. What she really enjoys is storyboarding and designing characters. Sequential art and game design are her ultimate goals. She wants people to enjoy comics and games the way she does. Her dream is to someday play a game she helps develop.